Friday, 16 December 2011

A little Change...

I picked up my computer today as its been in for a service.
Thank you to  Amanda (Amanda Makes)and Taryterre who left such supportive comments, they mean so much to me.
I have nearly finished my christmas shopping, i am pleased with what i have bought my family, this year i shopped online, i found i was able to research things, read peoples reviews on certain items and keep to a sensible budget. I told family it was a one present rule this year as most of us worry about overspending, well no surprise here, that i have broke the rule BUT i did keep to a budget.
Our christmas tree goes up tomorrow, i decided on a white artificial tree this year, i am ready for the change. Talking of changes, i learnt alittle lesson with a smile on my face the other day, i had my food shop delivered as i shopped online, the supermarket sent me the wrong washing up liquid, ok this is no big deal, so, after tea i set to wash the dishes, started running my water, gave it a good squirt of liquid (my mind thinking about everything but washing dishes) when i smelt this lovely smell, this lovely smell reminded me of nice things and i actually did not want the washing up to end so soon! Ha!
Yes i thought its nice to make changes, scary at times depending on how big the changes, but that little change left me enjoying that chore, i am learning! x

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  1. Well I'm glad we helped! Laughed out loud re the washing up liquid....don't know if you'd agree but one of the up sides of having a depressive/ anxious nature, for me, has been that I can take inordinate joy in the smallest of things that (as far as I can tell) go unnoticed by people with a more level outlook on life. Sometimes I feel utterly exhilarated by the simplest things...a memory, a snotty kiss from my godson, my girl being excited cos she's going on her first date, my normally standoffish kitters hopping onto my lap for a cuddle...these things can make my heart soar even in the middle of a crappity crap time. I suspect from reading your blog, that you too are a person who reels with joy a lot of the time. Your tales of life on your side of the road are gloriously positive, simple and beautiful. Much love, Amanda xxxx