Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Lovely Day...

Here in my little village, i woke up to see the sun coming up through the trees, you could tell it was going to be a mild day.
This morning went so fast with one thing and another, this afternoon i made my pastry for mince pies, put that to rest in the fridge and decided to take our dog for a walk down the lane and across the field. This is something i have not been able to do for awhile, Wizard almost sensed my apprehension and walked gently by my side. I walked to the crocodile seat on the field and watched the sun slowly start to set at the back of the field.
Then home to make the mince pies and bake them, tomorrow i would like to make homemade bread by hand.
I would take pictures but adorable teenage daughter has returned the camera but we cannot find the white wire thing that connects camera to computer!! Its under her bed i guess!! x

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