Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nice and Easy...

I decided to take some time out from blogging world, after alittle pressure from my lovely Milly (16 yr old daughter) i am gently wanting to come back.
I love looking daily at "morning Ramble" blog as patty comforts my day, my blogger friend Betty who sounds a lovely lady.
I do not wish to share my families testing time of late, but to say, Thank you to my husband louie who has been my rock and the great strength my lovely lovely daughters have given me, in just loving me.
My best friend Denise who is like a second skin and knows me better than i know myself at times...scary!
To my mum and my sister who i have missed with all my heart.
I will write again and intime pick up my camera and go at a nice and easy pace x


  1. Oh I am so, so happy that you're back! I just clicked on your button, thinking that maybe you would be, as I have done a few times since you went, and there you are! I hope things are better now. Much love, Amanda xxx

  2. Thank you Amanda, best wishes jackie x