Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Thinking Garden.....

Last week we had our carpenter make this gate on the side of the back of our house. This is to keep our dog off our soon to be gravel garden, the gravel is down, the design is slowly coming together in my mind.

I took this photo late afternoon today, but you can start to get the idea of what i am doing.
Louie and i have decided to add a wildlife pond somewhere in our garden (i have a place in mind), in our last garden, we made a wildlife pond in the shape of a stream, it was beautifull.
Below is a picture of our wildlife pond in our previous garden;
Now is the time for me to look through garden magazines for ideas, i will design three gardens that flow into one another, but as you walk into each one i want to create alittle  WOW factor that is not obvious before you approach it.
I love white picket fences, wisteria,albertine roses,hollyhocks and blue/grey grasses.
Then my magic is going to be at the bottom of the garden where i will plant my mini orchard.
Much to think about x

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  1. The way you describe it... the area is going to be so beautiful, when complete. I LOVE water features. Planning is always fun, then the hard work comes. But the finished product is always worth the wait. Good Luck with your project. Take care.