Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Trip to the Garden Centre..

This morning i felt like i had alittle bit of cabin fever, so it was time to get out for awhile. I decided to see if my local garden centre was open, its only in the next village, so off i went.
Four minutes later i pull in the car park and not another car insight!
I had it all to myself!
I chose a rambling rose to cover the fence in the gravel garden, Alberic Barbier rose.
I knew today i was on a tight budget, with christmas just gone and louie has to pay the tax bill in january, i settled for a rambling rose, a rosemary shrub, a plum tree and i always like to buy something from the bargain corner, i found an apple tree for a 1/3 of its original price, an Egremont Russet apple, i use these particular apples to cook with pheasant. I also bought bird seed for our feathered friends.
This is the coffee shop, i have not tried it, always to eager to get home and start planting.
I have decided i am going to grow more plants in pots for the gravel garden, my treat will be, a fig tree in a pot, the fruit of the gods, so it has been written.
Off home now, to stare out of the kitchen window and decide where to plant my treasure, this will be on saturday.
I once picked our Milly up from junior school with a palm tree sticking out of the sun roof of the car, the child was horrified, i always think of that when i am loading trees in my car Ha! Well i have made my start x
                                                           Alberic Barbier Rose


  1. I am so glad you have found your camera again, I think you are finding your mojo once again. Stick with it. xxx

  2. I LOVE it when I have a store all to myself. It sounds like you did a GOOD job finding some real nice things for your garden. The rambling rose, rosemary shrub, plum tree and Egremont Russet apple tree are going to LOOK wonderful there, once you decide where to plant them. I know how important finding the perfect spot for each of them is. Ponder it a while. Take care.