Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thank you x

I am about to watch my Amish programme, which i look forward to all week, these gentle peoples mindset calm my anxieties, even if its only for alittle while.
My mum lived in america for a while, i went to visit her and she took me to a town called "Shipshewana" Indiana, where a large Amish communitiy live, for me it was like going home and where my admiration for these gentle people started.
So i shall watch my programme and then to my bed, but i want to thank you tarytere for your positive comments you give me, they make me smile x

Tax Bill and over due Course work...

Today is the second day, louie, has spent finding all bank statements, work receipts, tallying up all our
yearly expenses, ready for his accountant, so we know how much tax to pay. He knows how much i have spent in the butchers shop, hairdressers,clothes and hold your breath, the garden centre!
We are both sensible with money but there is always room for improvement.
This morning i came in the kitchen to see two cups of tea on the table and louie waiting for me with a certain look in his eye, one which i know!!
Ok it was the yearly chat where no one points the finger, but accounts have to be looked at and we have to discuss how we can make our money go alittle further.
Milly working on her college course work,
This child of mine is a dream of a girl!!
The kitchen has been messy all day, but there are jacket potatoes in the oven, baby tomatoes in olive oil, a bowl of grated cheese,fish fingers waiting to go under the grill and hot baked bread rolls for tea x