Saturday, 14 January 2012


The view from my kitchen door this morning,
it felt bright and frosty, i had to grab the camera,
I love this picture of my picket fence, come spring this will be painted white and a rose bush planted against it!
I bought these pair of russion dolls this week, each one of them has 5 pieces. I am going to give one each to courtney and eva, but before i do this, i thought i might make each doll a handmade draw string bag, so, hopfully this will help the girls not lose the pieces. I have a larger set and when eva sleeps over she plays with them in bed in the morning.
I am also hoping this will inspire me to start sewing again!!
Last night Terri text me asking for instructions of homemade washing powder...its the best!
Following Tammys instructions, i made this up in a plastic container and then put the lid on and gave it a good shake, best way i think as the soda crystals are so fine in the air.
1 cup of Bortex subsitute (as we are not allowed to sell bortex in this country, anymore).
1 cup of soda crystals
1 bar of household soap(grated)
10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil ( i used a lemon /ginger mix)
When i wash white or heavy stained load, i also add i dose of vanish oxi wash to the wash.
Thats it, i think its brillant!
Changing the subject now, i do not know whats wrong but i cannot seem to leave a comment on a couple of my blogger friends, one being TARYTERRE who i know is poorly with the flu, so i do hope she is getting better and i have missed her, she sounds a lovely kind lady. x


  1. I love Russian Dolls and have one my brother brought back from Russia for me when he was on a sixth form trip so it's about 25 years old. It has lots of pieces, I am guessing at ten because the last one is a tiny little blob of unpainted wood. Unfortunately our middle one bit into the second to the last piece, when I was feeling like a generous mother and let her play with it! It will get glued eventually and sanded and I think will probably work, but will never be quite the same again. However, I was brought up on a "save your best" mentality and have learnt over the years that this actually stops you enjoying your best! So, sometimes it's hard to break the habits that are ingrained when you are young but I try to encourage mine to live for today, to play with respect but not panic about the broken or ripped, the world won't end! I think my children have had more genuine pleasure from the doll than me, although I love it dearly. The bags sound like a lovely idea and I think the dolls will give hours of pleasure.

  2. Hello my friend. Just got back from my hols popping in to say that I hope you're ok and doing great! I'm in awe of your domestic prowess...making you own washing powder!!! Aw I'd love to be that person! I'm impressed with you! xxxxx

  3. I'm playing catch up trying to read everybody's blogs now that I'm feeling a little better. I'm having trouble commenting too. Took a number of trys. Used a different browser. Your Russian Dolls are precious. Just adore them. Your photos are LOVELY.