Monday, 2 January 2012

Crocks and Pots...

The washing was dried on the line, the sun was bright but the wind was cold.
I spent this morning having a good sort out of kitchen pots and pans that i did not use, some of my crocks i have kept for a couple  of years and not used them, some of them belonged to my nan, it was when i was washing them i realised they made me feel sad, i  then realised they must go and someone else can enjoy them with no emotion attached to them.
So i managed to fill two boxes!! If i did not use them regulary, if they had unwanted emotion attached, in the boxes they went.

WOW! This is long overdue,
Louie ripped out an old cupbpoard, this is our area in the kitchen where we sit round the woodburner.
Work for louie is quite at the moment so we are going to replaster and paint this room. Swedish White i think. x

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  1. I finally got rid of some kitchen gadgets our Aunt Gert had, that we inherited. It does the soul good to purge items we don't use or no longer need. Especially when they're going to a place where others could really benefit. It's a GREAT way to start the year. Looks like you and Louie have your work cut out for you. Painting and replastering is always quite a chore. GOOD LUCK with this project too. Take care.