Monday, 9 January 2012

Dirty Talk...

This weekend i have found some lovely blogs, one lady "Tammy" her blog "flat creek farm", tells how she makes her own laundry powder. I made some a couple of years back, our clothes were so soft and i was not using a softener. I have decided to make some more following Tammys guide this time, i also have some other hold your breath news, but wait picture coming up;
Now today i bought a new mop for the tiled kitchen floor,i had seen this before but its alittle expensive for a mop £18, and louie has put us on a budget until the end of the month, so i write in the safe knowledge that louie cannot turn a computer on and is not known to read the blog.
So i gave in today and bought this well researched mop, wow it was effortless and i could now go into a whole spill about how it reaches corners,it glides, telescopic handle! But no i will stop now,before i go into a big ole waffle. Buy one, you will love it!

I also have paint charts out so there is decorating in mind.
I am not a cleaning freak, i just love to clean, windows,ovens but most of all my laundry.x

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  1. Once upon a time I made my dish soap. Never tried my hand at laundry detergent, though. LOVE your mop. Pretty color. But I'm impressed it has a telescopic handle. That's hard to find. That's probably why it's a little more costly. I'm sure you'll put it to good use. ENJOY.