Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Dream...

I love this picture, i think i took it back in july 2011, its Washpit Lane across the road from where we live. I almost expect an Amish buggy to come gently trotting around the corner!
I spoke to my sister last night and we chatted about goals and dreams for the future, the Amish way of life is never really far from my mind, i realise i think about it alot of the time. I often think about what it would be like to live with them for a week, i read a book once where a lady did just that, she helped out on their farm and in return they gave her bed and board. Somedays i cannot leave the safety of our village, never mind a trip to America and stay with strangers where nothing is familiar!!
A dream maybe, but one i will keep.
Tomorrow i am going to have a clear out, i have been looking at things i have not used all year in the kitchen, so i will box them up and take them back to the charitiy shop where i very likely bought them in the first place, i want to declutter abit.
I want to be consistant in looking after myself this year, keeping my hair nice, looking after my skin and nails, wearing clothes that match and not thinking any old thing will do.
I intend to keep changes very real and small at the moment as i want to achieve them in time.
I know this will all take time, as i enter into this year i know i enter into therapy but i am really going to go at a pace i can manage.
Tomorrow up bright and early to make my start. x

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  1. It does look like an Amish buggy will come into view. It is a glorious photo. May this be a year when all your resolutions are fullfilled. I wish you peace and happiness in the New Year. take care.