Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Much Thought...

I loved this saying, i read this on my fellow blogger "Taryterre" blog the other day. I loved it and have given it much thought.
I got to thinking of areas in my life that i have not been entirely happy with, mainly, friendships.
Friendships of any kind are a two way road, do you agree?
How many people i call from time to time, people, that if i did not call would not call me, yet when i call them they are full of their own business and others peoples, before you know it you have been on the phone 20 minutes and barely said three or four words!! Is this called a one way street?
I really do not like being rude to people and anxiety sufferers find it difficult to seperate being rude or setting healthy bounderies by voice, so most of the time, they, give others the moment.
What happens with this, is, people steal your time, time being LIFE, sadly you give them that moment, you hang up and question why you bothered and tell yourself how you just knew that would happen, as it always does, YES because i just allowed that to happen!
I spent most of my childhood trying to make my piers happy, these were times when i should have been taught how to grow,freely, in a childs development. I was never allowed to be a child and be in  the charge of a responsible adult. Childhood stolen? Most definitely!
What this does is train you to let others take the moment with your consent. Peoples ignorance has never ceased to amaze me.
I am not bitter or angry my story is not unique, if anything i think its sterotype of children who carry adults emotionally as a child.
No more, i will always want be a person who does not want to hurt others, but today i will not settle for less than a two way road. I will not allow anyone to take my moment as i would not take theirs, it stops.x

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  1. It's the perfect quote, isn't it? Really thought provoking. Gives us optimism. I understand what you're saying. I have spent my life letting other people STEAL my time. But recently I've managed to steal some of it back. It feels wonderful. I was bullied as a child and the scars don't heal.