Wednesday, 11 January 2012

This is "Cromey" our Eva's cuddly toy, she has had him a couple of years now, we bought him from a charitiy shop.
Eva found a hole in his seam and told her her mama "he will have to go to nanies, she will mend him", i was given strict instructions not to wash him, as she likes his smell! Now i know smell is one of a childs strongest senses, but he did pong, but i resisted the urge to wash him in my newly homemade laundry powder, even though there was some kinda dried gunge on one of his legs.
Talking laundry powder, i have made my homemade powder and used it today for the first time, i chose a white clothes wash, looking for the dirtiest clothes i could find. I put 3 tablespoons of powder in the machine and added 1 tablespoon of vanish whitener. At one point i got on all fours and was watching the washing in the machine go round! An hour later cycle finished, time to see how good it was... Brillant!!!
This is it! 3 Tablespoons to a dirty load with a tablespoon of vanish oxi action. x

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