Thursday, 5 January 2012

To America and back!

I have just spent the last hour, reading, peoples blogs. What a lovely hour it has been, i have been to America and back. While louie has been reading through the instructions to his new electric toothbrush he had for christmas, there i sat with my reading glasses on the end of my nose making sounds that are suppose to make him think i am listening to him! When infact mentally i am in New England! In the last hour i have been to, two different places in New England also Nashville and pa Ingalls museam! Not to mention having a look round two ladies lovely homes and their land covered in snow.
I have realised since i last went to America, i stopped enjoying travelling, because it was not America.
My sister and my daughter Zoe are talking vision boards at the moment, i listen but have not fully grasped it yet ( give me time,i will), so i am now thinking Vision Board, ok top of the list "i want to see America". Now i think i must rewrite that again as i do not think the word "want" is what you say, ok, "i am going to go back to America".
This afternoon i realised how i love the place, i guess i am abit of a prarie girl but i do want to see New England, i always have.
Yes New England its going to be for me, i am going to go back to America! x

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  1. I LOVE New England too. Some of my fondest memories are from my trips there many years ago. I wish you a pleasant journey. ENJOY! take care.