Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A walk in the village...

No frost this morning, just wet where it had rained in the night. Zoe came over today and we decided to go for a walk to our one and only little shop in the village.
On route there are three of the smallest cottages attached to one another, they are one bedroom cottages and very low ceilings, i think when they were built they were probably for farm labourers and family. Two of these cottages have been up for sale in the time i have lived in our village, they sell for a small fortune, bare in mind there is no land belonging to them at the rear of the cottages!
Zoe carried my bag of shopping home for me,well we argued about it half the way home ha! I will be carrying the shopping home next time.

There she goes marching ahead!

What a lovely gal! x

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  1. Interesting about the cottages. I think it was sweet Zoe carried the shopping bag for you. Looks like a lovely walk. Take care.