Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Yvonne, the trolley lady...

This last week has been very difficult for me, i have been going to the hospital everyday for radiotherapy, this has tired me physically but mentally made me very vunerable to the anxiety i suffer. I had not slept a whole night for four nights, waking at 1.30 am and sitting awake waiting for daybreak to come. The radiotherapy became harder to do each day,i then missed an appointment out of complete fatigue, my doctor at the hospital offered me a gentle sedation prior to the therapy and something to help me sleep at night. Yesterday i sat in the day clinic waiting for my sedation to take effect, it all takes about an hour, i sat watching the trolley lady go to each patient offering them sandwhiches,fruit,yougurt and biscuits all for free. I listened to her have a kind word to everyone, i could not put an age on her, maybe late 70's, very well spoken grammer, alittle rouge on her face, diamond earings in her ears, her hands were kind and her nails painted a gentle pink. She wore a wedding ring and a very large diamond and sapphire engagement ring, two large gold bracelets but all looked so elegant on this lady.
Her shoes were flat black patent shoes with a gold buckle on them and sheer black tights, she was so well groomed.
I sat in clinic today awaiting my sedation to work, hoping to see this lovely lady again, yes soon enough she appeared and came over to me with her laden trolley of goodies, i just had to speak with her!! Her name is YVONNE, she has been working voluntary at the clinic for 34 years! She said, she use to serve hot drinks from her trolley but her hands shake alittle now and she does not want to spill hot drinks. I ask her if she has children, yes she says, yvonne told me she has three grown up children, two which she adopted as babies and one homemade one!!! HA!
I could feel myself loving her by the second, i told her it was a pleasure to speak with her, she told me she would keep my recovery in her thoughts and i was to aim high. I wanted to ask her age but she must of read my mind as she then told me she is 94 years old!!! I was speechless. I told her my last treatment is tomorrow, she told me she will not see me tomorrow as she is going to an opera concert in london!!
I truly believe i met an angel today, i will never forget this lovely amazing lady.The staff nurse told me, it does not matter what the weather, yvonne always comes in and gives her two hours daily voluntary work.
Yvonne's beauty is her kindness. God Bless her x 

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  1. I am so glad that YVONNE came into your life at this difficult time. You were blessed. She is an Angel, indeed. It is nice she was able to take your mind off your troubles, if only for a moment or two. You'll be in my prayers. Take care.