Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Gentle moment...

Milly came home from work this evening, she seemed so sad, this is not like our la (this being her pet name). I hugged her and asked whats wrong, this had la in tears.
In walks her dad, whats wrong la? The result a few more tears! Ok sit down with your dad he says, i busy myself in the kitchen but have radar ears on full alert.
I listen to him over the next half hour gently gently peel the layers back from milly's dilema to reveal whats really making her so emotional, i tell you it was a touching work of art! Once issue was out in the open he set about comforting her and helping her to make her decision, by this time both la and her dad are totally unaware i am in the room!
Do i make a cuppa tea at this point? If i make tea at the wrong time i could spoil this precious moment, i decided to wait until one of them realises i am even there!!!
Louie and i both came from families where our voices never got heard, we certainly felt as children that we never had choices.
Louie experienced great poverty as a child, for myself as a child i experienced abandonment and no voice.
Watching louie, showing our la that her feelings in the moment was so important that he made her feel he stopped the world from spining until he could help her confront her issue.
How do you do this when you have not been shown this yourself?
Finally they see me and i know this is my que to make the tea!
I love him so much.
La and her dad, she seems so little.
Our little girl growing up,

At the bottom of our garden, she is so arty.

The student,
Our girl x


  1. A sweet wonderful moment. She is so lucky to have such a loving mother and father. Take care.

  2. Heart touching, we should all be so lucky to have someone to stop "the world from spinning" while they listen.