Thursday, 23 February 2012

I had a lovely day with our Zoe, we had breakfast together as zoe came over after taking Eva and lou lou man to school.
We then went on to our favourite place that sells all kinds of second hand bric a brac and furniture.The morning went so quick, this afternoon i potted about the house and managed to do my ironing with the patio door open in the kitchen, i loved the smell of my laundry, straight off the line on to my ironing board!
Tomorrow i am going to the garden centre to buy a large bag of wild flower seeds, i am going to give an area of my grass to wild flowers and when the flowers and grass are high enough, with a lawn mower i will cut in pathways from one seating area to another.
The seed we sowed in the garden last year has now established into a carpet of green grass, this is my canvas for planting,designing my country garden.
I have designed it that i have three sections of garden flow into one another, all three will be planted very country garden, with an illusion that you will not be able to see the bottom of the garden from the court yard garden i will create when walking out of the kitchen door, you will have to walk through all gardens to get the wow factor!!
All sounds very impressive when i talk like this, hopfully i can pull it off!! x


  1. I love the sound of your garden. It is going to be so wonderful. I 'm sure everything will come together, so it is just as you visualize it. Good luck. take care.

  2. It sounds like a perfectly wonderful day! Oh yes, nothing beats the scent of fresh laundry - especially that that has been hung on the line outside. So wonderful! Hoping your list got checked off.

    I ended up planting flowers in my front yard. Tomorrow I'll sew.