Monday, 27 February 2012

I have the camera back...

I have missed using the camera over the last few days, Milly needed it for college.
Yesterday Zoe and grandchildren came over for dinner but our Eva was alittle poorly, so i made her cosy on the sofa and quickly took this picture of her;
Oh bless her, i felt guilty taking the photo!!!
Nothing wrong with the boy!! Ha!
Milly left her photos on the camera, she has taken these for her photography course work, i never knew i had such a ballsy gal. On the other side of town, near where our Zoe lives, there is a bunker, its a listed building, this was originally built for government officials in case of a nuclear war!
It all looks very eerie, i think that was the look she was wanting.

Oh my word, would you walk in?
Honestly this girl of mine was never out of her mamas apron pocket as a child, now look at her!
Now i have my hands on the camera for a while i will be clicking away, tomorrow my sister and i are working on her garden, i can not wait, i love spending time with her, she is so full of energy in mind and hilarious! They say tomorrow is going to be sunshine. x

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  1. Photographers go wherever it takes to get the shot. WONDERFUL photos one and all. Take care.