Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Laughter & Lunch!

Today my mum took my sister and i out for lunch, what a lovely day!
Life has tested us as a family and as individuals, again i find myself questioning how much detail do you give the blogging world, sometimes it helps others to read other peoples difficult and happy times. Ok, some detail coming up, but the sensitives area i hold private. My sister and i were seperated at a young age, i never saw her again until i was 14 yrs old,i have no memory of my mama before the age of 14.
Since the age of 14 i have been in and out of my mum and sisters lives, all my choice, not always understanding my emotions and feelings.
Today my relationship with them feels like going home, we are truly blessed to be where we are today with one another and we all know this.
My sister, next to my daughters is one of the kindest people i know, i love her so much and i always have even before we were seperated. My mama, well people do not come along more amazing than her, life has tested her many times, sometimes at the hands of others and sometimes by her own conviction, coming through all this she has learnt  forgiveness at its highest level, my mama is 67 yrs old works three full days aweek, bikes to work and back, and above all, loves and supports her family with all her being.
Now her mind is razor sharp and her sense of humour borders crankiness with the greatest of wit!
We let her loose with the camera today, she could not stop when she found the button, this is her handy work;
I look like i am sitting on a drawing pin and my sister looks like she is going to wet her pants!
These are the best two, i had to delete the others!
Once i have the camera back and it looked like at one point she was not going to stop clicking away.
This is my mama, the photographer!
This is my sister, she is pure kindness, i adore her.
I will go to my bed tonight and say my prayers, thanking him above for these people that love me and give my thank you's for a lovely day.x

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  1. What LOVELY ladies you all are. I am glad time has allowed you back into each other's lives. Take care. I have been babysitting all week and have gotten behind in my commenting.