Friday, 17 February 2012

A little light on the matter...

I took Milly and Jake out for lunch today, how easy conversation is when you sit facing one another across a table. The kitchen table has alway's been and still is so important to our family life, over the year's its where we eat,listen,debate,hold family meeting's, where argument's amongest the children got resolved.  I would not interfere if the children did not agree with one another, but when i could see that they could not come to their own conclusion's and make peace with one another i would step in, i would ask all of my family to sit round the table. These were my rule's and still are my rule's; everybody gets a turn to speak without being interupted, we all listen, no pointing,swearing or any raised voice's. On most occasion's issues would get resolved, an apology made and accepted.
Sounds simple,NO, on the very few times answers could not be found, maybe someone was hurting to much, we would have to agree that more time is needed. That was hard to see one of the children's feelings hurting or their anger still simmering, but the family table meeting's were alway's a success in the case that which ever one was struggling we could give advice for them to take or leave and most important they got heard.
Sometimes it was enough just to throw alitte bit of light on matters.
Talking of lights, i bought a new tea light lantern today in the shape of a house, its beautiful, i have put it on the kitchen window sill, i love candle light flickering through the kitchen window. The pioneer woman, would put candles in the window after dark so their men folk could find their way home.
Or is it  a church?
The kitchen is starting to have a homely pretty feel. x

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  1. LOVE your tradition about talking things out at the kitchen table. I bet you resolved lots of issues near and dear to all your hearts. Such an IMPORTANT aspect of life. Your tea light is LOVELY.I bet it positively GLOWS at night making your home a welcoming site for those that pass by. Take care.