Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lots and lots of love...

Louie and i tell each other everyday we love one another, i do not and have never really got excited about valentines day, but i see why some people do.
This plant in the picture always reminds me of our zoe, when she was about 17 yrs old, we sat in our garden having a heart to heart, i told her to follow me down the garden i have something magical to show you. The sun was just setting and there was that lovely comforting shadow you get at that time in the evening, i lead zoe with her eyes closed to my heart shaped flower, when she opened her eyes she could not believe what she was seeing! This flower never ceases to amaze me, its the magic of nature, such beauty!
Wishing everyone who calls by my blog today, a magical day in the name of love. x
I love him.

To know her is to love her. x


  1. BEAUTIFUL flowers, great pictures. I hope you had a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day whether you celebrated or not. Take care.

  2. Your blog looks so lovely. I am a new follower. Faith in Jesus is a life for me too.