Monday, 13 February 2012

My Book has arrived!!!

This morning i had an appointment with the doctor to discuss my therapy for anxiety, we chatted and discussed my feelings after having my recent health issue. My doctor offered me information on a book that might benefit me on an emotional level after going through my health trauma, i declined, not because i am in denial as to what has happened but i know me and this is not something i myself would benefit from. We are all different in how we cope with lifes challanges.
After my appointment which went very well, i set about errands i had to make, and could not wait to get home and make a cuppa tea while secretly hoping my book has arrived through the post!
I walk through our front door and my eyes fall down to our doormat, no little parcel waiting for me, if i am honest i did feel a twang of disapointment. Oh well must unpack the food shop, wash the fridge out and try my new floor soap on the kitchen floor tiles.
Then i heard the flap of the letter box and a thud on the floor, yes, i thought thats me book!!! ha!
I tore at the parcel envelope to reveal my book and immediatly got the magazine feeling, for those that do not know this, i get so excited i can not actually look inside, i have to leave it where i can see it for awhile! It sometimes takes me a month to read a magazine!!
As soon as i open my little amish book of inspiring thoughts and my eyes dance over the most delightful pictures i think this is a book i will benefit from.
My book is called "A celebration of the simple life" its beautiful.
                          Attitude of Acceptance
                  It's not easy to accept some things;
                 We often worry,grumble, and fret.
                       How much better it would be
                  If we trusted God instead of getting upset.
                       An attitude of acceptance
                       Gives one a sense of peace.
                  When we trust God to know what's best for us,
                      Our anxiety and tension will cease.
Each page gives an inspiring thought like above, a beautiful picture followed by alittle story and a prayer.x


  1. I know that feeling of anticipation. I am so glad your book arrived. It has soothing powers you will greatly benefit from. ENJOY each and every page. Take care.

  2. Your book sounds wonderful! I don't know if you saw Annie Felt Fairy's comment on my last post , but she's making her Felt Fairies for charity so if you drop her a comment on ner blog I know she'll sort you out. She's lovely. Her blog is called Annie Felt Fairy and there's a link on my side bar. If that doesn't work drop me a note and I'll contact her for you. Loads of love, my dear. Amanda xxx