Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Roast lamb and an evening with family...

Zoe and grandchildren are staying over tonight, i have cooked roast lamb with garlic,rosemary and anchovies, zoe's favourite!
Since january when louie went through our finances and said we have to food shop more cautiously, i agreed to buy our meat from a certain supermarket, i have always bought meat from a very good butchers, yes its a touch more expensive but the qualitiy of meat was very good.
Tonights lamb was from a supermarket, i thought it was alittle tough. When we all finished our meal i thought someone is going to say "the meat was alittle tough",  Zoe said "ma thats the nicest roast lamb i have eaten in age's" and squashed any chance of me returning back to my old shopping ways!!!!!!! Especially as louie sat nodding in agreement with her while lapping up the last bit of gravy on his plate!
Then it was time to play, before bedtime.

Eva loves her dudey, she only has it now before bedtime.

Big lou and little lou,

Jade came over this evening which was a surprise visit, jade bought me the lovely basket in the background, what a lovely daughter she is.
Eva and lou lou man tucked up cosy in bed at their nanies house, i love that feeling! x


  1. That's lamb done my favourite way to but none of mine, including 1of1, like lamb so it's a rare treat for me! We have had mixed success on the dudey withdrawel it is an on going thing!

  2. Lamb is my favorite dish. Your meal sounded scrumptious. That was quite a compliment everyone gave you too. Your little guests were delightful. so sweet. Sounds like the perfect evening. Take care.

  3. Nice blog. I found a new way to use leftover roast lamb.