Sunday, 5 February 2012

This Weekend...

Zoe and grandchildren stayed over friday night, i made homemade cauliflower & parmesan soup, zoe's favourite.
Saturday morning everyone had a cuppa tea in bed, zoe refused to leave the warmth of her bed before someone lit the woodburner downstairs! Ok, i lit the fire and made a start on the pancake batter for breakfast, zoe waited at the table with her dads workshirt on, holding the cat inside the shirt. I was not paying much attention to her waffling, something about snow, i was thinking of the new skirt i want to make our eva!

Breakfast, eaten and dishes washed, zoe gets herself and grandchildren washed and dressed, she is still talking snow!
These glasses zoe is wearing are apparently called "Geeky Chic", a fashion accessory, clear glass, glasses.

What a lovely looking geek!
Zoe and grandchildren leave for home and i make a start on eva's skirt.
This morning i wake up to this;
Louie measured the snow in our garden, 7 inches of snowfall fell during the night.

The brook frozen
Down the lane

So zoe was not waffling and i was not listening!!

I love this man of mine x

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  1. GREAT pics. That cauliflower soup sounds delicious. LOVE those GEEK glasses. Also like the horses warm coats. WOW. Looks like you got all the snow we haven't had here this winter. ENJOY. take care.