Thursday, 9 February 2012

What a lovely day!!!!!

I have had a lovely lovely day, today.
 My daughter Zoe came over to pick me up this morning and we set off to town, to do some shopping and stop and have lunch.
I have needed some new clothes for a while, but i always use to put myself at the bottom of the list, this use to frustrate louie and my girls.
Not anymore, life is changing
When the children were younger i always made sure we were all dressed nicely and i always took care of my apperance, nothing over the top, but i seemed to care more for myself. I do not know what happened to allow myself to think i was not worthy of new clothes and alittle make up from time to time. When you feel good about yourself, its such a lovely feeling, good for the soul, i guess.
My three girls have always known their self worth and always make sure they feel good in their apperance, even if its jeans and a T shirt day, they always look beautiful and i tell them so every time i see them.
So what did i buy today, Oh grikey i certainly went to town by my usual estimations, underwear,skirt,blouse,T shirts (2 infact), housecoat (cath kidson!!),handbag (much needed),perfume and nail varnish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I treat Zoe to lunch, she got to choose where, at this particular cafe Zoe always chooses the macaroni cheese, has done since she was a teenager and i never choose it but always wish i had ha!
Looks alot when i put it all together,
The bag is made by a spanish designer, i got it half price in the sale, the perfume is from m&s and the nail varnish is a nude colour.
I love the housecoat, i will rinse it in water and white vinegar, white vinegar is the best softner, diluted with water.

I love the skirt and blouse!

I am thrilled with my treats, at one point i picked up a wrap cardigan, i thought the tag said £19.99, put it in my basket thinking how beautiful it was, when i got to the till the lady rang up £199.00 on the till, i nearly fainted with shock, i made my apologies and asked her to remove it! It was made of cashmere wool! Ha! x

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  1. I'm glad you treated yourself. Everything looks lovely. That purse is GORGEOUS! ENJOY all your new things. take care.