Thursday, 16 February 2012

Zoe and grandchildren headed for home this morning after our pancakes and homemade juice, i washed dishes and got started on cleaning our kitchen window and glass doors.
This is never a chore for me, i opened  window and door's, i could here the bird's singing, the weather was milder than it has been for a few week's, it was a pleasure to work outside.
One thing led to another as it sometimes does when you start cleaning, next, was to change the kitchen curtains.
Then to give my lovely white basket our jade bought me,a purpose, i decided to put this on the dresser, which will hold the tea towels. After all cleaning was done i have made a homemade cottage pie from last night's left over roast lamb, then i could hear our dog whining for his walk, so on with the wellies and off we trotted down the lane.
I have pottered nicely today, just doing those odd job's that have been calling me gently in my own time, i love being at home, BUT i do have to push myself to venture out everyday as my anxiety would keep me at home all the time and thats not good for me.
Our Milly told me this morning that its Mental Health week this week, people who suffer may appear to be so different from what some call normalitiy, but what is normal? Who is normal? We have all suffered stress at some point in our lives and behaved out of character, is this Mental Health? I think so, i suffer with anxiety at times and have to take small foot steps to keep my day as simple as i can.It help's so much to be listened to and understood.
My clean window,

My new kitchen curtain's ( well not so new, they are second hand from a vintage shop).

I love my dresser, this was second hand to, i gave it a lick of paint and slightly sanded it to give a slight worn look. It symbolises Home to me. x


  1. Jack, your words are so very beautiful, you write so so well :) And your explanations about anxiety are actually a big help to me, for many years i have tried, and failed spectacularly, to find ways of explaining such feelings and you say it all perfectly. I have no doubts whatsoever that you will prevail in your own struggles my sweet x much love x

  2. I love that cupboard. I have only suffered from anxiety once, and hope I don't again. Blessings on you.

  3. Sounds like the day kept you busy. In my opinion, there is no normal. Everybody is dealing with issues of one kind or another, whether they admit it or not. So, Mental Health Week is a good thing because it's making everyone aware. I absolutely adore your curtains. They are BEAUTIFUL. Also like your dresser/hutch. Home is where the heart is, for sure. take care.