Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sneezing, fatigue and nose piecing!!

Louie has been poorly most of this week with a cold like virus, high tempreture,sneezing and no energy, last night i felt like i had a chill and think i have just caught the tail end of his aches and pains.
We had planned to put our trampolene up today for our grandchildren, but neither one of us has the energy and the weather has changed, even though the sun is shining the wind is cold, so, maybe tomorrow we will have more energy.
I baked some scones this morning and i am trying to talk myself into doing some ironing.
Jade and ian came over this morning for a cuppa tea and bought carrot cake with them, jade seemed alittle secreative, when the phone rang, jade nearly jumped off her chair to answer it! It was our milly on the phone, i heard them chatting and wondered what they were up to, the phone finally got passed to me, straight away milly told me she had, had, her nose pierced this morning, is this my little baby of 17 yrs rebelling? I now wish i had homeschooled her! I have been reading alot about homeschooling on my fellow bloggers blogs. This is something we do not do in England but this could be the way forward for our little ones, yes it sounds like hard work for all the family but i think the benefits outway this.
Anyway getting back to our milly, is this the start of something i wonder, are we going to see her marching through town with some kind of banners wanting to save the world single handed? Time will tell.
I am waiting for my new book to arrive, this one is by Tasha Tudor, i hope it  arrives soon, i like the sound of this lady.
Today i am asking everyone who passes by my blog today, can they please pray for healing prayers for a little girl called Mei-ling, her grandmother Patty, has a blog called Morning Ramble, now Patty's blog was the first blog i ever read and still do, at the time i found this charming lady's blog, my husband had just lost his brother, it was also christmas time. I use to read her blog just before bedtime, her word's gave me great comfort at a difficult time.
Now patty's grandaughter, Mei-ling is having major surgery on monday and will need bed rest for one month, please hold this little girl in your prayers for all to go well on monday and a quick recovery. x

Friday, 30 March 2012

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Garden in spring...

We had our lawns cut today, i opened windows and doors to let in the spring sunshine.
I want to plant so much but money is an issue at the moment, when louie and i bought this home of ours we never realised how much work was involved, never mind the huge garden!
I can see we are slowly getting there,
My favourite part of the garden is the land at the bottom,where the swing hangs from the large apple tree and i love the seating area where we sit on a summers evening.
I love our garden x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Another beautiful day...

Milly & jake took full advantage of the beautiful sunshine, they spent the afternoon sitting on the grass at the bottom of our garden.
I spent an hour with our reverend this afternoon, we had a cup of tea together and talked about many things.
When i left christine gave me a prayer, one to be said before i go to sleep at night, she calls it the sleep prayer,
May the cross of the son of God,
which is mightier than all the hosts of evil
and more glorious than all the hosts of heaven,
stay with me in my going out and my coming in.
By day and by night, at morning and at evening,
at all times and in all places may it protect and defend me. Amen.
This evening i took a picture of the sun going down, the sun sets at the front of our house behind the trees, its always a beautiful sight. x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Clocks going forward...

I planned to go to church this morning but forgot about the clocks going forward, so, as i went to walk out the door louie told me it was 1o.45 and not 9.45 am, so i missed the service, but i am writing blog quickly as i am going to evening song at 6 pm.
At the bottom of our garden there is a beautiful walnut tree, its our neighbours but hangs over our garden, while weeding this afternoon i could hear a woodpecker but as hard as i looked i could not see it.
Our soil was perfect for weeding, i removed old leaves and found some nice surprises, plants showing new growth that i had forgot i planted.
I shall plant fruit trees in this garden,
I had company on this beautiful spring afternoon. x

Friday, 23 March 2012

Olivia May

Another beautiful spring day, i went to see my grandaughter "olivia" today, she is adorable and such a happy little girl, i took these pictures while her mum was changing her bum!
What a happy little girl, Olivia is my son's daughter and her mama jenny is doing a wonderful job of motherhood.x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Some quite time...

I have not blogged for a while, i felt i just needed some quite time. In this time my sister gave me one of her bibles, my daughter Zoe bought me a book for mothers day called "Amish Peace" and i joined facebook!
I lasted only a couple of weeks on facebook, it was not for me, some people requested me, yet, they have my landline number,mobile number,blog address,email address and still requested my friendship! How much of yourself can you give?
I am reading proverbs in the bible, i am amazed, how long ago the bible was written and how fast life has become and yet the words are so wise and the message still so clear.
My Amish book, as the bible are a comfort for my eyes and sometimes my fretful mind.

I went for coffee morning this week at my local church, i sat with five other ladies, all busy in conversation, as, i quitely gaze out of the large glass doors over looking 
 the church garden, i just started to feel all dreamy when someone announced it was the first day of spring!
I almost wept, i thought at last, this winter was so difficult for me and yet through these testing times alot of wonderful things have happened for myself and family.
I am still painting my bedroom, i am taking my time and loving it, i put Katy's music on (country blossom) and just take my time, With each wall i paint the room seem's to be coming alive with a lovely feeling.
I know you should paint the ceiling first but this is only the undercoat and i could not wait to get it on the walls!!!
While painting today i done two loads of washing, running up and down the stairs to the garden to fill my line with laundry.
The grass is looking green and ready for cutting, how i have waited for a lawn to cut!
There is still work to be done, but what does it matter its spring! x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cabin fever...

Today is day three of louie plastering our bedroom, this has totally taken me out of my routine and if i am honest but not ungrateful i am struggling with the dust.  My mood stayed with me most of the morning,so, i decided to take myself off in the car and get out of the house for an hour or two.
To my surprise i ended up at a Aldi's, a low budget supermarket, i have not been there for a good few years. What a surprise! All the fruit and veg was English, i like to help our struggling farmers in these hard times. There was lots of good brand makes for a lot cheaper price than the other high street supermarkets.
I spent £60 on my food shop and got alot for my money, once home i was able to get back in the swing of things. I am not normally a moody person, i did say a small prayer to myself.
Tomorrow i am buying paint, spending time with our Zoe, we will find a coffee shop somewhere. x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another day plastering...

Louie spent another day plastering our bedroom, he has plastered the ceiling and two walls, only two walls left, which will be done tomorrow. I love watching louie plaster, he gets old walls as smooth as glass, they look brand new, its truly a work of art!!
I am going out with Zoe on thursday to choose paint, i am thinking, an off white with sanded floor boards.What ever i choose it will be a country simple look but very comfortable and cosy. This is how it all looks today,
This all looks very upside down, but not for long. This photo shows the main bedroom with a dressing room on the back and if you walk round the corner there is our en-suite.
I have waited so long to see these walls re-plastered,
The master at work!
This photo shows an old wall and the new wall re-plastered.
I have much to think about now, i have asked for a new country decor book for mothers day, hopfully full of ideas. x

Monday, 12 March 2012

We have started...

True to his word, louie, has started to plaster our bedroom, while doing this he has asked me to take the wallpaper off in the snug area in the kitchen. The snug area where our woodburner is, is the old dining room before we built our new kitchen.
Getting back to our bedroom, it has not been touched since 1954! The wallpaper was like cardboard, louie is re-plastering ceiling and walls, i can not wait, its been nearly five years since we had a nice room to lay our weary heads.
Tonight i will browse through some colour charts, if i can keep my eyes open.
The time is nearly six oclock in the evening and its still light, the birds are still singing!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Potting plants...

I have spent the day in the garden potting plants, i repotted some geraniums, some grasses and found three large fairy seats that i have been saving in the corner of the garden. Fairy seats being large tree trunks cut up.
Its not the best picture as i am now rushing alittle to get cleaned up before everyone comes home. Tomorrow we have work men arriving at 8am, to board two ceilings so louie can get on and plaster them!!
I will be planting Hollyhocks and repotting plants.
One day this gravel garden will have the country feel i strive for, i am having to buy smaller plants as the mature ones are so expensive.
I have my eye on a large piece of ply board in the garage, i intend to paint this with blackboard paint and my grandchildren can have hours of fun with chalk, i am also going to plant willow canes and tie them together at the top to create a cave like shape, this will then grow and give them a place to hide. When the ground dries we have a trampoline to put up and we bought a second hand summer house which i am itching to get started on, but one thing at a time! ha! x
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine;
   but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
             Proverbs 17.22

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A bright blue sky...

A bright blue sky today, i have hung laundry on the line, such a lovely sight.
Milly called me from college this morning to tell me she has passed her two exams that she had taken recently, what a gal she is!!!
Zoe came over for a cuppa tea this morning, i sat and finished my bolster cushion cover, i wanted to finish this as my new Amish book arrived yesterday and i want to read in the evenings, my brain is sharper in the day which is better for sewing.
I am pleased with it, i will make another one so i have a pair.
Now to mop the floor and do some ironing. x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


It has been said that our "eyes are the windows to our mind", i just want to share with you what my eyes see while i wash my dishes.
My hyacinth, a soft pink with lime green tints on the nib of each flower, the scent is just starting to waft in the air.
I like all things pretty, these are christmas baubles that i love to look at,my cross Zoe bought me, its made of olive wood, from bethlehem, its designed that if for some reason you can not pray, you can just hold it.
I am starting to heal from my health scare last year, i am realising so much about myself.
I have always had my faith, with age it just gets stronger and more meaningful, i have always liked to see pretty things, even though we are renovating our home there are corners and objects that are oh so pretty.
I also love gentle music, piano, harp, playing softly in the background while i do my daily chores.
Each day for me has to be as gentle as i can make it.
Wishing you all pretty things to see today. x

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Work to be done...

Today i am busy doing this;

Time for this;
After walking our dog, i decided to take a trip to the garden centre which is in the next village, to near for comfort sometimes! I am slowly starting to pot up plants for the court yard garden area, i am on a budget with this,so, i am buying the smaller plants and will lovingly tend to them until they mature, you make a big saving doing this as the mature plants are alot more money.Most of the plants will be in pots in this part of the garden. I then went to the next village and done a small food shop, i am making our Milly macaroni cheese with parma ham, her favourite. The sun is now shining and the birds are singing, our dog is resting in his kennel and hopfully our cat is in next doors garden hunting rodents that our 93 year old neighbour refuses to believe he has!! Our neighbour is 93, with a mind of a 60 year old, he still drives his car and looks after his wife who is housebound. He has the healthiest rodents i have ever seen, they live under a huge bush in his garden, they have now had their babies, our cat brings at least one home aday, sometimes two, louie sets three traps everyday, and there is always a rodent in them to be found the next day!! x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Morning cuppa...

I am just having a morning cup of tea before i start my cleaning, who am i gidding i am sitting here waiting for the postman, hopfully he will bring my new Amish book today!
I use to read alot but when the anxiety took hold i read less and less, this is about to change.
Louie talks about us having a holiday later in the year, somewhere warm with a swiming pool and places of history that we can visit.The idea sounds wonderful, he asks me to just think about it, no pressure.
This morning i have washed my rag rugs, they are blowing on the line.
Wishing everyone who passes by my blog today, a very Happy Monday.
These are not my rag rugs, i borrowed pic from the web. x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rain,sleet and snow...

As i sit and write my post it is snowing outside, the rain came in the night and all morning,then changed its mind to sleet rain, now we have snow!
What to do on a wet sunday afternoon? Put barbecue spare ribs in the oven and let cook slowly until the meat is soft and tender, bake some jacket potatoes, make a winter salad with what you have in the fridge, plenty of cheese and sour cream for the potatoes, and, for afters, leftover birthday cake with a milky coffee.
Start another homemade cushion cover while watching rugby on the t.v, i do not understand this game (i am not a sporty gal) but it does hold me.
The woodstove is burning nicely giving the kitchen a cosy feel, the snowflakes are getting large and fluffy.
I have lit some tea light candles, feeling contented. x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Milly's birthday cake....

Today is our Milly's birthday, she is seventeen, the girl is a dream of a daughter, a genuine beauty,inside and out!
Milly told me she wanted a homemade birthday cake, a coconut one with cherries on the top. Her wish is my command.
After breakfast i wasted no time in getting started, while making this special cake, i thought back to the day she was born, Milly came into this world on a friday afternoon, there was snow on the ground and a clear blue sky.
Milly was born by caesaren section, to the sound of classical music, she was breech and overdue, she came into the world weighing 8lb 12oz! She was perfect with the sweetest rosebud lips, oh i think i am going on abit now, the day was so magical.
Getting back to the cake, milly say's "its fantastic", what a gal!
I have to admit i am pretty pleased with myself!
A close up.
Now, i baked louie scones on friday, i am also having a private joke with my sister about scones, so, this picture is for her. I love her so much.
The jam is hedgegrow jam and the clotted cream is in the fridge.ha! x