Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another day plastering...

Louie spent another day plastering our bedroom, he has plastered the ceiling and two walls, only two walls left, which will be done tomorrow. I love watching louie plaster, he gets old walls as smooth as glass, they look brand new, its truly a work of art!!
I am going out with Zoe on thursday to choose paint, i am thinking, an off white with sanded floor boards.What ever i choose it will be a country simple look but very comfortable and cosy. This is how it all looks today,
This all looks very upside down, but not for long. This photo shows the main bedroom with a dressing room on the back and if you walk round the corner there is our en-suite.
I have waited so long to see these walls re-plastered,
The master at work!
This photo shows an old wall and the new wall re-plastered.
I have much to think about now, i have asked for a new country decor book for mothers day, hopfully full of ideas. x


  1. Such a handy man! Look forward to seeing the finished room.

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  2. Love the before and after photo's of the wall. It looks fabulous. Your Louie is doing a wonderful job. Have fun picking out the paint. It will be beautiful when it's all complete. You must be so excited. take care.