Wednesday, 7 March 2012


It has been said that our "eyes are the windows to our mind", i just want to share with you what my eyes see while i wash my dishes.
My hyacinth, a soft pink with lime green tints on the nib of each flower, the scent is just starting to waft in the air.
I like all things pretty, these are christmas baubles that i love to look at,my cross Zoe bought me, its made of olive wood, from bethlehem, its designed that if for some reason you can not pray, you can just hold it.
I am starting to heal from my health scare last year, i am realising so much about myself.
I have always had my faith, with age it just gets stronger and more meaningful, i have always liked to see pretty things, even though we are renovating our home there are corners and objects that are oh so pretty.
I also love gentle music, piano, harp, playing softly in the background while i do my daily chores.
Each day for me has to be as gentle as i can make it.
Wishing you all pretty things to see today. x

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  1. What a coincidence. I just took a picture of a beautiful pink hyacinth, at the store. It's fragrance was so delightful, I couldn't resist. When we had a patio put in, the contractor did it before I could get all my bulbs out to replant. Those precious flowers are now buried beneath a slab of concrete. So sad, if I let myself think about it. So I won't. Your olive wood cross is lovely. A treasure for sure to keep faith close at hand. Take care.