Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cabin fever...

Today is day three of louie plastering our bedroom, this has totally taken me out of my routine and if i am honest but not ungrateful i am struggling with the dust.  My mood stayed with me most of the morning,so, i decided to take myself off in the car and get out of the house for an hour or two.
To my surprise i ended up at a Aldi's, a low budget supermarket, i have not been there for a good few years. What a surprise! All the fruit and veg was English, i like to help our struggling farmers in these hard times. There was lots of good brand makes for a lot cheaper price than the other high street supermarkets.
I spent £60 on my food shop and got alot for my money, once home i was able to get back in the swing of things. I am not normally a moody person, i did say a small prayer to myself.
Tomorrow i am buying paint, spending time with our Zoe, we will find a coffee shop somewhere. x


  1. When work is being done around the house, it is best to keep yourself busy. We have an ALDI's here. Isn't that a coincidence. I wonder if it's the same chain? ENJOY your paint shop shopping and being with ZOE. take care.

  2. Sounds like ya just needed to get out and away from the house for a bit to lift your spirits.

    I'll agree with you in prayer that you'll get through this remodel in flyin' colors sweetie! It's gonna be great.

    God bless and have yourself a glorious day!!! :o)