Sunday, 25 March 2012

Clocks going forward...

I planned to go to church this morning but forgot about the clocks going forward, so, as i went to walk out the door louie told me it was 1o.45 and not 9.45 am, so i missed the service, but i am writing blog quickly as i am going to evening song at 6 pm.
At the bottom of our garden there is a beautiful walnut tree, its our neighbours but hangs over our garden, while weeding this afternoon i could hear a woodpecker but as hard as i looked i could not see it.
Our soil was perfect for weeding, i removed old leaves and found some nice surprises, plants showing new growth that i had forgot i planted.
I shall plant fruit trees in this garden,
I had company on this beautiful spring afternoon. x

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a wonderful spring day. If not for my husband changing all the clocks, I would forget the time too, when we SPRING forward. It's a shame you missed your service. The clock in my car is still an hour earlier. We can't figure out how to change it? LOL Your fruit trees are going to be perfect in the spot you've chosen. Your helper looks comfy. take care.