Monday, 5 March 2012

Morning cuppa...

I am just having a morning cup of tea before i start my cleaning, who am i gidding i am sitting here waiting for the postman, hopfully he will bring my new Amish book today!
I use to read alot but when the anxiety took hold i read less and less, this is about to change.
Louie talks about us having a holiday later in the year, somewhere warm with a swiming pool and places of history that we can visit.The idea sounds wonderful, he asks me to just think about it, no pressure.
This morning i have washed my rag rugs, they are blowing on the line.
Wishing everyone who passes by my blog today, a very Happy Monday.
These are not my rag rugs, i borrowed pic from the web. x

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  1. Your rugs are beautiful. So full of color. To see them dancing in the breeze would delight me. I hope you get a chance to get away on a vacation. We have not been for a few years and I miss the opportunity to do so. It really lifts your spirits, for sure. I hope your Amish book arrives in the mail soon. I just watched a television program on the Amish, last night. It was an amazing look into their lives. I really enjoyed it. Take care.