Friday, 9 March 2012

Potting plants...

I have spent the day in the garden potting plants, i repotted some geraniums, some grasses and found three large fairy seats that i have been saving in the corner of the garden. Fairy seats being large tree trunks cut up.
Its not the best picture as i am now rushing alittle to get cleaned up before everyone comes home. Tomorrow we have work men arriving at 8am, to board two ceilings so louie can get on and plaster them!!
I will be planting Hollyhocks and repotting plants.
One day this gravel garden will have the country feel i strive for, i am having to buy smaller plants as the mature ones are so expensive.
I have my eye on a large piece of ply board in the garage, i intend to paint this with blackboard paint and my grandchildren can have hours of fun with chalk, i am also going to plant willow canes and tie them together at the top to create a cave like shape, this will then grow and give them a place to hide. When the ground dries we have a trampoline to put up and we bought a second hand summer house which i am itching to get started on, but one thing at a time! ha! x

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