Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sneezing, fatigue and nose piecing!!

Louie has been poorly most of this week with a cold like virus, high tempreture,sneezing and no energy, last night i felt like i had a chill and think i have just caught the tail end of his aches and pains.
We had planned to put our trampolene up today for our grandchildren, but neither one of us has the energy and the weather has changed, even though the sun is shining the wind is cold, so, maybe tomorrow we will have more energy.
I baked some scones this morning and i am trying to talk myself into doing some ironing.
Jade and ian came over this morning for a cuppa tea and bought carrot cake with them, jade seemed alittle secreative, when the phone rang, jade nearly jumped off her chair to answer it! It was our milly on the phone, i heard them chatting and wondered what they were up to, the phone finally got passed to me, straight away milly told me she had, had, her nose pierced this morning, is this my little baby of 17 yrs rebelling? I now wish i had homeschooled her! I have been reading alot about homeschooling on my fellow bloggers blogs. This is something we do not do in England but this could be the way forward for our little ones, yes it sounds like hard work for all the family but i think the benefits outway this.
Anyway getting back to our milly, is this the start of something i wonder, are we going to see her marching through town with some kind of banners wanting to save the world single handed? Time will tell.
I am waiting for my new book to arrive, this one is by Tasha Tudor, i hope it  arrives soon, i like the sound of this lady.
Today i am asking everyone who passes by my blog today, can they please pray for healing prayers for a little girl called Mei-ling, her grandmother Patty, has a blog called Morning Ramble, now Patty's blog was the first blog i ever read and still do, at the time i found this charming lady's blog, my husband had just lost his brother, it was also christmas time. I use to read her blog just before bedtime, her word's gave me great comfort at a difficult time.
Now patty's grandaughter, Mei-ling is having major surgery on monday and will need bed rest for one month, please hold this little girl in your prayers for all to go well on monday and a quick recovery. x

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  1. Sorry to hear you and hubby are not feeling well. Drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest. Oh my, a nose piercing. She's asserting her independence. I remember when my daughters got extra holes in their ears. Three each. Never said a thing. Then one day I noticed. YIKES. I will being saying prayers for Mei-ling. You take care.