Thursday, 22 March 2012

Some quite time...

I have not blogged for a while, i felt i just needed some quite time. In this time my sister gave me one of her bibles, my daughter Zoe bought me a book for mothers day called "Amish Peace" and i joined facebook!
I lasted only a couple of weeks on facebook, it was not for me, some people requested me, yet, they have my landline number,mobile number,blog address,email address and still requested my friendship! How much of yourself can you give?
I am reading proverbs in the bible, i am amazed, how long ago the bible was written and how fast life has become and yet the words are so wise and the message still so clear.
My Amish book, as the bible are a comfort for my eyes and sometimes my fretful mind.

I went for coffee morning this week at my local church, i sat with five other ladies, all busy in conversation, as, i quitely gaze out of the large glass doors over looking 
 the church garden, i just started to feel all dreamy when someone announced it was the first day of spring!
I almost wept, i thought at last, this winter was so difficult for me and yet through these testing times alot of wonderful things have happened for myself and family.
I am still painting my bedroom, i am taking my time and loving it, i put Katy's music on (country blossom) and just take my time, With each wall i paint the room seem's to be coming alive with a lovely feeling.
I know you should paint the ceiling first but this is only the undercoat and i could not wait to get it on the walls!!!
While painting today i done two loads of washing, running up and down the stairs to the garden to fill my line with laundry.
The grass is looking green and ready for cutting, how i have waited for a lawn to cut!
There is still work to be done, but what does it matter its spring! x

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  1. I'm glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. And I'm happy to hear you are taking time out for quiet reflection. It soothes the soul. Spring is a wonderful time for renewal. Take care.