Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Work to be done...

Today i am busy doing this;

Time for this;
After walking our dog, i decided to take a trip to the garden centre which is in the next village, to near for comfort sometimes! I am slowly starting to pot up plants for the court yard garden area, i am on a budget with this,so, i am buying the smaller plants and will lovingly tend to them until they mature, you make a big saving doing this as the mature plants are alot more money.Most of the plants will be in pots in this part of the garden. I then went to the next village and done a small food shop, i am making our Milly macaroni cheese with parma ham, her favourite. The sun is now shining and the birds are singing, our dog is resting in his kennel and hopfully our cat is in next doors garden hunting rodents that our 93 year old neighbour refuses to believe he has!! Our neighbour is 93, with a mind of a 60 year old, he still drives his car and looks after his wife who is housebound. He has the healthiest rodents i have ever seen, they live under a huge bush in his garden, they have now had their babies, our cat brings at least one home aday, sometimes two, louie sets three traps everyday, and there is always a rodent in them to be found the next day!! x

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  1. Chores abound, 'tis true for all of us. It's nice to take a break. I think it's great, how you are potting the smaller plants. It does save money, it is true. But it is also so wonderful to watch them grow and mature and know that you had a hand in it. Sounds like your neighbor is spry and happy. I hate rodents, though. They frighten me. Glad your kitty is making them gone. LOL Take care.