Friday, 13 April 2012

Fruit trees...

My mum and i went to the garden centre today, we were looking for two fruit trees for my sisters garden.We chose her an apple tree and greengage, we also bought ourselves some plants. I bought a Refus tree from the bargain corner, i always try to give a plant or a tree a good home.
Jade is still poorly, she went back to the doctors today, they think she has laryngitis, they tell her she will get worse before she gets better and she is to try and save her voice as much as she can.
My mum at the check out.
We went home to plant my sisters trees, a lovely day x


  1. The trees sound lovely. It'll be great fun deciding where to plant them. I'm sorry to hear Jade has laryngitis. Hope she feels better soon. take care.

  2. glad you had a lovely day. Hope Jade feels better