Tuesday, 10 April 2012

He gave us stars,so we could see in the dark...

I have been finding reading my bible difficult, understanding the language at times, i spoke with my reverand who kindly allowed me to borrow one of the bibles from my church.
This is so much easier to understand and you do not loose the reality of it all.
I read today how after God seperated dark from light, he, put stars in the dark so we could see, i had to put my bible down and give a sigh, how beautiful.
Today i cut my grass for the first time since we sowed our lawn, i have waited four years to have a lawn!
We also have the plumber coming soon to plumb in our shower, again its been nearly five years since we could wake in the morning and take our sleepy selfs to a shower, what a way to start your day.
Tomorrow morning i am going to make homemade bread, i went through a stage where i baked my own bread most days, i want to go back to this.
I have felt of late that i have lost the structure in my day, i have let my routine slip alittle, i need to work on this.
I planted my holyhocks today, i hope to buy a wisteria this week when i go to the garden centre with my mum on friday.x

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