Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Homemade bread...

This is my homemade loaf i made this morning, i was so pleased with it and it tasted good. I read somewhere, while kneading your bread, you are suppose to say a prayer, i did.
I had louie home with me today, we went and got more paint for the bedroom, its still on going as i am going at a snails pace!!
Tomorrow i am spending the day with zoe and grandchildren, its back to school for them on monday.
I read my bible today, it was the story of Abraham, i am finding the bible so comforting, i am also amazed just how much knowledge our zoe has of the bible, i can not take any credit of this as her mum. My grandchildren are catholic and go to catholic schools, our eva has a wonderful understanding of her faith, thanks to zoe.
Eva once asked me "what is the worlds favourite colour?" i said blue, yes she said, i asked her "is it because its the colour of the sky and ocean?" NO! nannie, its because its the colour of mother marys dress! What a beautiful child. x

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  1. Your bread looks divine. Comfort abounds in the good book. What a wonderful observation Eva has made. So sweet.