Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday laundry...

Feeling alittle flat today, i now know i have caught the last bit of virus that louie has had all last week, i did not go to the church service last night as i was sneezing and spluttering, i did not feel it would have been fair on others, so i went to bed early.
I do not feel so unwell that i should not do any household chores, i have cleaned the house and finished my ironing, this afternoon i will spend time reading.
I have filled the tea towel basket and dish cloth basket,
I love clean dish cloths,
This is my station,
I listen to music from my laptop, i am sorry this is not a very exciting blog today, i do not know why i think someone would want to see my ironing pile! Ha! x


  1. I have an old ironing board from years ago. They have lots of character, don't you think? Drink plenty of fluids. REST. Hope you will be back in tip-top shape soon and that this miserable flu/virus thing you have runs it's course, quickly. TAKE CARE.

  2. Hi, I came over from taryterre...I iron my tea towels too...thought I was the only one! Just something about having a nice fresh towel that makes kitchen work a bit easier...