Monday, 16 April 2012

Tasha Tudor...

Saturday my book of Tasha Tudor arrived along with my new bible.
I was so excited with both of them, i sat down and started gently flicking through the pages of Tasha Tudor's delightful pages, i was hooked, then i started to read it and by saturday evening i had read it all! I did not know if i should laugh or cry, it was beautiful, i kept thinking i should have saved a few pages for the next day but i just could not put it down!
I was equally pleased with my bible, everything is a lot easier to read, i am still amazed how God made woman with one of Adams ribs, i know i should of known this, but reading the story again was like being a child and reading Gods word for the first time.
Some pictures of this charming ladies world;
She liked to walk barefoot,
Such a beautiful book, i can not wait to order another one about this unique lady.

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  1. READING is one of GREATEST pleasures in life. I am glad you got your book and bible and were able to ENJOY them. Comfort there, for sure. The pictures are lovely. Take care.