Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We need some rain...

I have been out most of the day, louie is taking me out for a meal at the weekend, this morning he gave me some money to buy something new to wear, its been ages since i went clothes shopping for myself, to be honest i felt like i had come down from the mountains into civilization, it was alittle overwhelming! I bought a skirt, tried it on when i came home, its a touch to small,so, i will go back tomorrow and change it.
I then called by zoe's before i came home.
I have just got back from walking wizard, i took my camera with me, spring is in the lane but the ground is so dry, we need rain.
The blossom is out on the Hawthorn bushes,
I tried to get wizard to pose, but i knew he could sense something,

He always lets me know when we are not alone on the fields,
Time to head for home, past the horses,
The farmers crops in his field look like they need some rain. x


  1. Rain has such a healing effect on me. I imagine I can hear the plant life sighing with relief.

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  2. I LOVE rain. The Hawthorn bushes are lovely. It's nice to know the dog is looking out for you. I hope you can exchange your skirt. Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful evening out for you and your fella. ENJOY.