Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I read the blogs i follow most evenings, i also check my stats now and again and i can see people still call by.
At this present moment i am suffering with depression, its not a black hole, its feeling anxious most of the time, mornings are the hardest.
I have agreed to take medication, this not being the cure but alittle crutch to help me on my way.
I have also decided to have therapy, its called cognitive therapy, it helps you think things through in a positive way and helps you to look at your anxieties.
I started my therapy last week, its an hour a week for up to 12-16 weeks depending how you go. My therapist is a man called Adrian, thankfully i felt comfortable with him which is always a good start. He done most of the talking, explaining how it all works, he assures me we will work at a pace that i am comfortable with.
At times it seems like i have mountains to climb, evenings seem easier than the days.
I will keep you updated, thank you for reading my blog. x


  1. Bless your heart!! I understand completely! I take medication (Paxil) as I suffer with anxiety/depression myself. SOme days are better than others. Many days I just want to sit and cry. I honestly wonder if that's why I enjoy being by myself alot! (((Hugs))) my friend!!

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    1. You are so welcome my friend! Hang in there!