Sunday, 29 July 2012

sunday lunch...

Today louie and i took our girls and grandchildren out for sunday lunch.
Jade showing our eva some trick with her fingers!
Louie and our baby girl milly,
Just as dinner arrived, the sky became dark,
and then came the rain...

Our louie got nervous and climbed on his mamas lap
We had a lovely lunch and it was just lovely to all be together.
Tomorrow i must blitz the small bedroom, this is where our eva sleeps when she stays over, zoe and the grandchildren are staying over tuesday night, i cannot wait.
I am struggling with the empty nesting, when your babies are small and you have little time for yourself and climb into your bed at night heavy with tiredness.
You dont stop to think about the day they leave home and fly the nest, then the house becomes silent,there is very little chores to do as there is only two of you.
I cannot tell you how hard i have found this, its almost like you have to find yourself and make changes but at a pace you can cope with. It really is a crossroads in a mothers life. x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The last couple of days...

On thursday, my friend kate and i took a trip to the seaside, on our way we stopped to look at a 14th century old castle.
This was the gate way
Up the steps to the main door, now the locals say this is a spooky place, but i did not feel any vibes, i could almost imagine the soilders of the day keeping look out to protect our land.

Below is a picture of the well that would have been in the basement, it actually made my toes curl to see how deep it was, also the engineering of it in the day!
 A view from one of the turrets, looking for any kind if invasion.
We left the castle and headed for the beach where we must have walked for two miles or more! When i got home i felt so tired i could not find the energy for a nice warm bubble bath.
Yesterday i spent the whole day with my mum, i was feeling alittle anxious and my lovely mum came over to mine and we spent the day just talking, it was perfect.
Today louie cut the vine into shape at the front of our house, so i can see our windows!
Louie then cleaned the windows on the outside, which leaves me to clean them on the inside.
I love this vine, it turns into a lovely red in the autumn,

No stopping the man now x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Todays picnic and random pictures

Its been a while since i have blogged, yet i read my favourite blogs daily.
Today my daughter zoe and grandchildren went on a lovely picnic, the weather being really hot we went to the woods where it was cool by the river. Its been a while since i picked up the camera, i found a few random photos on it.
We found our spot, in the cool shade of the trees.
We just started to tuck in, when we were joined by a little terrier dog called poppy, she was adorable and loved Eva and little louie.
Eva and lou lou man soon forgot about food and had fun with this little furry friend.
This place is beautiful, its a nature reserve that has been unspoilt for years,
Our furry friend even got in on the photo!
Poor lou lou man was not impressed that the fish were not biteing,
We had a lovely day!
I found a couple of random photos of our milly, the beautiful girl that she is, and zoe and our Eva.

lastly our Eva!