Thursday, 30 August 2012

My girl and me...

Jade booked a day off work today and told me she wanted to just rest, get snuggle at her mum's.
I had planned to clean two bathroom's and do some more organizing and my hourly ironing, it was no hardship to change my workload, i jumped at the chance of having my lovely girl with me all day.
Jade was not lieing when she said she wanted to snuggle up.
I told jade about my new rule i have made about the ironing, she told me "an hour a day keep's the pile away!" i loved it, so true! Because we have a sofa in the kitchen i was able to do my hour of ironing and chat with her at the same time, jade took this picture of me ( i do not alway's like my photo taken).

We chatted so much i was able to do the ironing and wash the fridge out, i asked jade to come upstair's with me while i put the laundry away, she straight away snuggled up in her mum's bed and fell asleep in minutes, all that chattering i guess.
Look at her 25 yrs old and still get's in her mama's bed ha!

I potted about abit not wanting to wake her, i then had this bright idea, i have had this lovely little table for sometime and have not really been happy where ever i put it in the house, i decided to put it next to my bed as a bedside table, it has a little draw in it and is decorated with the distressed look. I carefully carried it upstairs wiped it down not to disturb sleeping beauty.
It look's perfect,

A closer look show's the decor,
Do you know the girl slept through all my clanging about!
Now with all this new regime i am trying to keep to, i , have to address another little issue, PAPERWORK!,
I have never been organized with this so i am going to keep my goal's small and hopefully achievable, i am going to allow 30 mins each evening to sort through a small pile of paper's each evening, it's not the same feeling as with the ironing as i like ironing, i do not like paperwork.
I just keep thinking this will all help me when we come to sell the house and move, hopefully i will know where everything is! She say's!
My girl has gone home now and it's time for me to start dinner. x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

It's our Jade's (Dolly) birthday, she is 25, how time flie's.
Our Dolly is alway's full of laughter,she love's to alway's look pretty she is nothing but goodness, we all adore her.
Jade is on the left, alway's making her sister's laugh.
This is my two big girl's when they were little, jade is the little one, how i miss those day's!

Jade and her Ian
The funny girl again!
Wishing her a wonderful day.
Today i cleaned and organized our kitchen cupboard's, washed the curtain's, i also spent over an hour ironing.
The kitchen clean and tidy
The ironing pile!!!!!!!!!
I organized a desk area
My work went well today, i am now waiting for our birthday girl to come over. x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Love and laundry...

I started my day with washing our milly's dirty washing after her weekend at a music festival,
today was a perfect day for line drying,
i took one look at her shoe's and thought getting them clean is going to be my challenge of the day'
I made one of my washing recipes and gave them a good scrub followed by a short wash in the machine...voila!
I hung my woven heart that my mum bought me, my mum has one on her front door,so, thats where i hung mine, it look's lovely...
I am so pleased with it,
As soon as the washing was dry, i ironed milly's clothes, i just love laundry, i have to admit i do let the ironing slip and have been known to let it build up into a large pile, i, have decided to do an hour of ironing a day (minimum),

Lastly a picture of our girl,
I have decided to get more organized in the house,inspired by Katy whose blog is The countryblossom,i think this will help me since we are about to sell the house. Our home is alway's clean but not alway's organized which is a big difference. Tomorrow it's kitchen cupboard's plus my slotted hour or more that i will give to the ironing pile.
It's such a lovely feeling when thing's are in order.
Tomorrow is also our jade's birthday.
I so remember this night 25 year's ago, but, more on that tomorrow.
I read a lovely proverb today "Who can find A VIRTUOUS WOMAN for her price is far above rubies"
Now i am by no mean's virtuous, just someone trying to do her best for those that she loves. x

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend...

Its been bank holiday weekend here in little ole England, Saturday i took our jade out for lunch as it is her birthday on wednsday and i wanted to spend some time with her, jade got to choose where we eat, she chose a lovely restaurant by the river.
Sunday i went out for a lovely drive with my mum and sister,they took me to a farmshop that i have never been to,my mum bought me a woven heart to hang on our front door, she says its to send love to all of us that visit our home and to all of us that live in our home.
My mum then treat my sister and i to lunch in a beautiful village pub, it was beautiful food, i have never tasted bread and butter pudding like it!!!
Louie and daniel worked on the house today, we are so nearly ready for selling the house.
louie and daniel sanding and painting the window's down the side of our house,
Some photo's of friday night, we had our zoe staying over for the night, tea time at our table,
Tomorrow i have much laundry to do, but for now a cup of tea and my bed with a book.x

Friday, 24 August 2012

Its been a lovely week...

Our Dan has been staying with us this week and i have enjoyed every minute, it looks like he is going to stay a little longer, we have to take it a day at a time with dan, when life becomes to familiar he wants to run, dan has been like that since he was a teenager, his self esteem becomes low and then you do not see or hear from him for weeks, sometimes months. As a familiy we find this difficult, we get upset, hurt and completely bewildered. So i write my blog this evening,thinking, dan is staying a while and he can be gone in an hour!
I always remember when he was living at home,a teenager, he was out the front of the house talking to someone, when, i called him and told him his dinner was on the table, he told me "ok give me a minute" i never saw him again for three day's!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today daniel and i helped zoe clear her garden and clean window's, then when we come home dan washed down the garage door.
The door really was that dirty!!
I tried to take a picture of wizard our dog,
Tonight we have dan and zoe staying overnight, LOVELY LOVELY! x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A random day...

Daniel has nearly finished painting the garage, our milly is off to a music festival tomorrow for five days, this festival has 90,000 people going, milly does not like crowds!!
Zoe is tearful this evening, the school holiday's are six weeks long and i think mother's and children struggle with the last week or so, i know when my children were little, as much as i loved the holiday's having the children with me, we, were all more than ready for our routine back by the end of the holiday's.
I went to see my mum this morning and we had a cup of tea in her lovely garden, my mum gave me a book she had bought for me, its called "The Road Least Travelled".I flicked through it this afternoon and can not put it down. My mum is such an inspiration to her family,she is beautiful.

The garage sides finished,
Within an hour of the painting finished the sky turned grey,
No more to do outside i set about making tea, i now have a cooker hood which gives me a light directly over the cooker, i can now see what i am cooking!!
Chicken jelfrazi for tea.
Its now time for a nice bath and get back to my book, night all x

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Our dan...

These last few day's our son daniel has been staying with us, helping with job's around the house mainly in the garden, job's we just have not been able to get round to.
He has been a great help and i have really enjoyed his company, at the moment he is painting the outside of the garage, i can not tell you how long i have wanted the garage painted.
How long daniel will want to stay with us, i,do not know,i am taking it a day at a time.x

Monday, 20 August 2012

More photo's...

I am posting some more photos of our day by the river, they are mainly of our jade.
We call our jade "Dolly" as she loves Dolly parton, she is a high maintenance kinda girl, hard working and the funniest gal you could ever wish to meet, she is the sunshine in my day (as are her sisters).
There they sit by the river, our daniel trying to coax jade in.
She is in!
These pics i took in black and white without knowing, the splashing starts,
brother and sister
Oh dolly
One,two,three up we go,
She always makes us laugh, just look at the rest of the gang watching her with laughter,
I love how they are all holding hands x

Sunday, 19 August 2012

A wonderful day...

I have had such a lovely day, louie and i planned to pick up zoe and grandchildren and spend the day together (no one could think of where to go). Next, Daniel wanted to come along and la (our milly),we decided to go to a supermarket, grab some munchies and head off down by the river.The weather was hot and humid, today i have taken 81 photos and ofcourse i can not show you all of them (not that you would want to see all) but here are a few. I love each and everyone of my gang, they made my heart sing today! We just found our spot and the sky turned grey!!!
We felt spots of rain and took shelter under some trees, daniel was itching to swim in the river (he has always been abit of a fish)
A light shower over and let the fun begin...
We were soon joined by our jade and her boyfriend ian, our eva loves her aunty jade,
Now for some swimming, daniel was straight in!
Daniel doing his tarzan act and ian waiting patiently in the back ground for his turn.

My girl laughing,
Now my la and our lou lou man are very close, both laid back gentle souls,

How beautiful my baby girl is,
Lou lou man and his ga climbing a tree, i will post more pics tomorrow but now i have to iron louies work shirts, before i go , someone had wrote this on the tree,
I thank him for such a beautiful day x