Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A few photos of our home...

Yesterday i had a lovely day with Zoe,Milly and my grandchildren, Eva and Lou lou man.We went to the zoology museum, eva told me she could not believe the dinasours, milly was amazed, most of the animals and insects in the museum is what Charles Darwin bought back from his travels, louie would have loved it as charles Darwin is one of his favourite interests.
Today i feel alittle under the weather, i do not know if i have a cold coming or its a touch of hayfever, i cleaned the house, changed the sheets on our bed and have put two loads of washing on the line, i feel energy levels low now.
I have taken a few pictures of our home, our house was built in 1938 and the gentleman that built it lived here until he passed away in his 90's!
The house sat neglected for a year or more and was in desperate need of repair and love when it went up for sale.Louie and i thought we could take it on, that was six years ago and there has been many times i have wondered if we took on to much.
We are getting there slowly, its a lovely house with a large garden.
I love the kitchen doors open!

This from the outside looking in,
These old quarry tiles are where the original kitchen was, look how small the kitchen was, we lived with that small kitchen for three years before we extended it!!!
This is where we sit at night, its cosy and i can look out onto my garden, this area is part of the kitchen.
This is the main bathroom, its nearly finished,it needs the bath panel put on and a shower curtain put up.

This is our ensuite,

This is where our eva sleeps, eva is catholic, so i put a statue of mother mary in there for her.
Lastly my bed, with its clean sheets on it, i will fall into tonight.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures of my little home. x

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  1. You have a lovely home. I especially LOVE that view from the kitchen, outdoors. It is WONDERFUL. You are so lucky. the zoology museum sounded like alot of fun for you and the children. take care.