Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A random day...

Daniel has nearly finished painting the garage, our milly is off to a music festival tomorrow for five days, this festival has 90,000 people going, milly does not like crowds!!
Zoe is tearful this evening, the school holiday's are six weeks long and i think mother's and children struggle with the last week or so, i know when my children were little, as much as i loved the holiday's having the children with me, we, were all more than ready for our routine back by the end of the holiday's.
I went to see my mum this morning and we had a cup of tea in her lovely garden, my mum gave me a book she had bought for me, its called "The Road Least Travelled".I flicked through it this afternoon and can not put it down. My mum is such an inspiration to her family,she is beautiful.

The garage sides finished,
Within an hour of the painting finished the sky turned grey,
No more to do outside i set about making tea, i now have a cooker hood which gives me a light directly over the cooker, i can now see what i am cooking!!
Chicken jelfrazi for tea.
Its now time for a nice bath and get back to my book, night all x

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  1. GREAT job your son did painting the garage. Hope the rain didn't hurt it. The book sounds interesting. The LIGHT above the stove is PERFECT. I have cabinets at a funny angle above mine, so we have something rigged up there to give me some illumination. But yours looks so much nicer. One of our favorite dishes is shrimp jelfrazi. your chicken looks delicious. going to have to try it. hope you got some sleep. take care.