Sunday, 19 August 2012

A wonderful day...

I have had such a lovely day, louie and i planned to pick up zoe and grandchildren and spend the day together (no one could think of where to go). Next, Daniel wanted to come along and la (our milly),we decided to go to a supermarket, grab some munchies and head off down by the river.The weather was hot and humid, today i have taken 81 photos and ofcourse i can not show you all of them (not that you would want to see all) but here are a few. I love each and everyone of my gang, they made my heart sing today! We just found our spot and the sky turned grey!!!
We felt spots of rain and took shelter under some trees, daniel was itching to swim in the river (he has always been abit of a fish)
A light shower over and let the fun begin...
We were soon joined by our jade and her boyfriend ian, our eva loves her aunty jade,
Now for some swimming, daniel was straight in!
Daniel doing his tarzan act and ian waiting patiently in the back ground for his turn.

My girl laughing,
Now my la and our lou lou man are very close, both laid back gentle souls,

How beautiful my baby girl is,
Lou lou man and his ga climbing a tree, i will post more pics tomorrow but now i have to iron louies work shirts, before i go , someone had wrote this on the tree,
I thank him for such a beautiful day x


  1. Glad you are doing much better!! Sounds like a great day!!

    1. Thank you hollie, i had my first mammogram this week since my treatment and it was clear, plus a beautiful day with my family, i feel humbled. best wishes jackie x

  2. Happy to see you all enjoying a wonderful day. Your family is beautiful. I am glad you are doing well. take care.

    1. Thank you taryterre, it was lovely to all be together. x