Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend...

Its been bank holiday weekend here in little ole England, Saturday i took our jade out for lunch as it is her birthday on wednsday and i wanted to spend some time with her, jade got to choose where we eat, she chose a lovely restaurant by the river.
Sunday i went out for a lovely drive with my mum and sister,they took me to a farmshop that i have never been to,my mum bought me a woven heart to hang on our front door, she says its to send love to all of us that visit our home and to all of us that live in our home.
My mum then treat my sister and i to lunch in a beautiful village pub, it was beautiful food, i have never tasted bread and butter pudding like it!!!
Louie and daniel worked on the house today, we are so nearly ready for selling the house.
louie and daniel sanding and painting the window's down the side of our house,
Some photo's of friday night, we had our zoe staying over for the night, tea time at our table,
Tomorrow i have much laundry to do, but for now a cup of tea and my bed with a book.x

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  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My daughter's birthday is Wednesday too. looks like the house is coming along. Will be bittersweet to sell it, I know. The woven heart sounds so sweet. take care.