Friday, 24 August 2012

Its been a lovely week...

Our Dan has been staying with us this week and i have enjoyed every minute, it looks like he is going to stay a little longer, we have to take it a day at a time with dan, when life becomes to familiar he wants to run, dan has been like that since he was a teenager, his self esteem becomes low and then you do not see or hear from him for weeks, sometimes months. As a familiy we find this difficult, we get upset, hurt and completely bewildered. So i write my blog this evening,thinking, dan is staying a while and he can be gone in an hour!
I always remember when he was living at home,a teenager, he was out the front of the house talking to someone, when, i called him and told him his dinner was on the table, he told me "ok give me a minute" i never saw him again for three day's!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today daniel and i helped zoe clear her garden and clean window's, then when we come home dan washed down the garage door.
The door really was that dirty!!
I tried to take a picture of wizard our dog,
Tonight we have dan and zoe staying overnight, LOVELY LOVELY! x

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  1. Is Wizard a black LAB? My daughter has one by the name Jayden. Your son is a free spirit. ENJOY what moments you have. Life is fleeting and he'll be on to the next adventure. take care.